What we do for responsible tourism?

Equipo La JoraraAt Finca La Jorara we work with local communities, at the same time we promote our services base on healthy and organic food, were the gastronomic traditions enhance the positive values ​​of people and empower the benefits of eco tourism to contribute to the development of the society, specially at la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

The Jorara, is an auto-sustainable farm with a huge variety of organic fruit and vegetable crops. Our purpose is to be a great model for the native people of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, on how to find quality of living and providing them healthy food and our visitors a unique life experience for wellbeing and prosperity of all.

At la Jorara we plant, grow, learn, educate, dream, create, and inspire. Join the Cause!

eco hotel jorara santa marta colombia

At the moment we are running a project called YO SIEMBRO and the goal is to plant a new tree in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta for each costumer who want to stay at the Finca la Jorara. In April 2014 have been planted 500 Maguey trees (special plant which is used to make handcrafts like mochilas, dresses, suvenirs and more), among others, like the Caracoli, Teak and Rubber. Also we continue planting a variety of fruit trees like Avocado, Momonsillo, Guanabana, Papaya, Tangerine, Orange, Lemon, Guava, Sapote, Mamey, Nispero, among others.

turismo responsable jorara santa marta colombiaOn the other hand, ALUNA project seeks to compensate through tourism the preservation of Indigenous cultures Kogi – Arhuaco through specific programs that  promotes wellness and food that conseves their natural values. This will continue to make every travel experience that is related to a cultural interaction with Indigenous communities of Sierra Nevada.

We have done and keep with the Program EDUCATION FOR A RESPONSIBLE TOURISM, teaching English focused in responsible tourism specially with childrens, youth and adults interested in environment, tourism and languages, in the region of Perico Aguado, Marketalia, Palomino and Don Diego . Likewise, we have engaged our employees, tour guides and other stakeholders.

The mythical and magical Finca la Jorará, invites you to enjoy a holiday full of nature, ancient cultures, sacred sites and archaeological relics. Do not miss out, get out of traditional travel and explore new and authentic experiences. We welcome you with open arms.