Finca La Jorara EcoHotel

Finca La Jorara Hotel near Tayrona Park and Palomino aims to conserve, restore, and highlight the natural beauty of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, especially its landscapes, forests and variety of wildlife and exotic flora.

We stand by growing our own organic food, which is the way we want to contribute to the health and wellbeing of our visitors and neighbors.

It is a place to live in harmony with nature, relax, eat well and recreate with birds, turtles, monkeys, among many others.

Finca La Jorará Hotel near Tayrona Park and Palomino is conceived as an epicenter from which our visitors can choose different authentic activities and life experiences of nature and culture, such as hiking, visiting Indigenous communities, river and sea trips, mountainbike, yoga etc..

Thanks our strategic location quite close to Tayrona Park and La Guajira, our guests can visit the most beautiful attractions of Colombian Caribbean destinations in a day trip, coming back to rest in the comfortable rooms of La Jorará.


Hotel near Tayrona Park and Palomino

La Jorará is Just 10minutes from Palomino and 30 minutes from Tayrona Park. Come and visit Cabo San Juan, La piscina natural and Arrecifes, among other amazing destinations.